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What is Vastu Shastra?
Vastu shastra can be defined as harmonious, proportianate, and positive interaction of all the matters encompassing human life.Vastu shastra offers adequate representation to all factors governing life to create, in a sense , harmonious and melodious music in human dimension. Artisitic view point and aesthetic outlook are essential ingredients of vastu shastra. Vastu shastra can be explained in terms of constructive or destructive combination of the various oscillatory fields.

Vastu shastra effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind. It's well defined rules and regulations ensure that all the houses, buildings and other structures are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Vaastu Consultant | Vaastu Tips |  Industrial Vaastu & Residential Vaastu | Remdial Vastu for removal of vastu dosha

Where modern architecture aims at bodily comforts of a dweller and functional effectiveness of the structure; the vastu aims at ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of the human being occupying the dwelling and endows him with a sustained peace and tranquility of mind.

Through vastu the physical world and the abstract world have to be matched properly and equitably in order to build the best possible dwelling. Physical world includes aspects as building material, construction equipment, budgetary estimates, time duration to complete the construction, the contractor, skilled and unskilled labors.

In the Abstract world we encounter the mysterious and the incomprehensible. There are numerous minor things that can't be seen but can be felt or experienced. Some of them are religion, traditions, effect of five great elements (air, water, fire, earth, sky), eight directions, geomagnetic and other fields, frequency spectrum of sound waves and light waves, influence of planets.

In vastu shastra, the north east direction is considered as the direction of 'heaven' as stress concentration of energies is minimum in this direction. Similarly, the south west is considered as the direction of 'hell'. The deficiencies in the vastu can effectively be tackled by employing symbols, colors, light, and sound as prescribed in the vastu shastra. The ill effects of  'vastu doshas  ' can be diluted through these techniques.

Vastu is the reflection of love and affection between a man and his abode. From symbols like Swastik   and Omkar  flows the cultural affinity which in turn creates an atmosphere conducive to the proper development of the mind. The symbols serve as catalysts in inculcating positive thoughts for all round development. In the same manner the vibration energy levels created by these conches serve in enhancing the functional efficiency of human body and mind through a type of 'auto-suggestion'.

It is to be noted that the mathematical principles attributed to Archimedes and Pythagoras can be traced to ancient scriptures written much before these mathematicians. The microscopic effects documented in vastu shastra reflect many of the modern concepts from the fields of particle physics, electromagnetism, biophysics, radiation and gravitation.

Vastu shastra gives fruition to these ideas by using different entities like soil, stone, mortar, water, fire and direction to provide a harmonically balanced living environment for thee human beings. A broader perspective is used these days and vastu is studied extensively in correlation with other sciences as yoga shastra , astrology , jyotisha  and tantra  and mantra..

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